Articles and Q&A's

May 2019

Collagen: Sources and Uses

Q: Collagen can do more than benefit my skin? What’s the best way to get it into my body? A: True, collagen, along with elastin fibres in the proper ratio, restores elasticity to your skin and holds moisture in those areas, but they also benefit your bones, hair, nails, gut, and joints.
April 2019

Renourish Dry Skin

Q: What can I do to get rid of my perpetually dry skin? A: First of all, see your doctor to eliminate any pathological causes. Stay hydrated with 2L of water intake daily.
January 2019

Bite Off More Than You Can Digest

Eating healthy foods is wasted if you cannot digest the nutrients fully. To make the most of your diet, your body needs to systematically break down whole foods into usable nutrients. For this purpose, your body makes numerous digestive chemicals called “enzymes” that turn the food into molecules that the body can take in and utilize for biochemical reactions (eg. energy, immunity) and structural formations (eg. muscles, organs, bones).
January 2019

Motion Sickness

Q: What is something safe I can give my family to avoid motion sickness on our cruise?
October 2018

Mental Focus and Concentration

Q: Is there something safe that I can take for mental focus and concentration without that “wired” feeling? A: Something called “Phosphatidylserine” (aka.“PS”) is an important structural component of cell membranes, especially in brain cells.
September 2018

Pet Joints

Q: You helped me before with some natural supplements for my achy joints…can I give some to my dog with hip issues?
July 2018

Personalize Medications For You and Your Pets

Q: What exactly is pharmaceutical “compounding”, and how can it benefit me? A: “Compounding” is the art and science of custom-making personalized medications from scratch by trained personnel using quality ingredients.
June 2018

Let Your Kids Play Longer In The Sun. Safely.

Q: I’m looking for a good sunscreen that is safe yet effective to use on my toddlers and myself, but there are so many conflicting opinions in the online toddler groups. Can you shed some light on this? A: Prepping your children properly for a day in the sun is crucial for minimizing acute and chronic sun damage.
May 2018

HoneyDoc ®: Manuka Honey Nasal Rinse

Q: My Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Doctor suggested I try using manuka honey to help me with my chronic sinus infections. I’ve heard of manuka honey to be used for wound healing, but how do I use it to help my nose? A: Manuka honey has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.
April 2018

Sensitive Skin Rosacea QA with Medical Skincare Pharmacists

Q: My face is very sensitive because I have rosacea. Is there a line of products that you could suggest for me? A: It can be difficult to find products that won’t worsen the symptoms of rosacea. In our pharmacies, we have seen good success in treating rosacea with a dermatological line of products called RIVERSOL.
February 2018

Make a Clear Change (TM)

Q: My New Year’s resolution was to clean up all aspects of my life, including my diet! I’d like to start with a detox. What would you suggest? A: Most detox programs or kits act to stimulate the function of the liver, kidney, gut and skin to maximize the natural processes of detoxification.
November 2017

Recovery®: More Than Just Glucosamine

Q: I’ve been told to try glucosamine for my arthritic joints. What’s the best way to take this supplement? A: Glucosamine is a well-known supplement amongst those who have joint issues such as osteoarthritis. Even medical doctors have been known to recommend it to their arthritic patients. Despite its popularity as a joint supplement, clinical and experimental evidence shows limited benefit to using just glucosamine on its own.