Ideal Protein Q&A

September 2019

Q: My doctor keeps telling me I need to lose weight to stay healthy, as I already have diabetes and high blood-pressure, but I just can’t get myself to do it.  Do you have any tips or suggestions?

A: It’s scary to come to the realization that your health and your future hinges on whether you’re willing to commit to losing weight.  Put bluntly, your risk of heart-attack and stroke is directly related to your body composition, and, specifically, your body fat percentage.  It is almost impossible to achieve fat loss on your own, regardless of what you read on popular webpages; the typical high-protein, high-fat keto diet is actually harmful; vitamin injections alone will lead to muscle loss; finally, we cannot outrun a bad diet.  Basically, if something sounds too good to be true, then it is.  There is no easy way out.  The most effective method is to enroll in a science-based, tailored, pharmacist-lead lifestyle program, such as Ideal Protein, and be held accountable to a trusted pharmacist coach at regular, weekly meetings.  Once you take the plunge, your body will respond phenomenally, and you will inevitably be motivated not only by your perpetual and lasting fat/weight loss progress in Phase 1, but also by how energized you feel, how well you’ll sleep/rest, as well as feel the reduction in inflammation in your entire body (eg. achy joints), and the balancing of your hormones by an adequate protein, low fat, low carb lifestyle.  Come get all the details at Pharmasave Steveston Village, where Fred Cheng (Registered Pharmacist) can guide you on a lifestyle journey to reduce your cardiovascular disease risk, and help you reduce medication use.  The program is cost-effective (mention this article and get the coaching fee waived), and results are predictable, measurable, and repeatable.

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