Motion Sickness

January 2019

By Frederick Cheng (RPh), and Christine Cheng (RPh)

Q: What is something safe I can give my family to avoid motion sickness on our cruise?

A: The sudden movements you experience on a cruise, ferry ride, whale-watching expedition, road-trip, or amusement-park ride can leave you feeling nauseous and vomitous.  A compounded medication called meclizine is very popular amongst our adult clients because it is taken just once daily and has a low potential for drowsiness (no prescription required).  It works by minimizing the sensitivity of the inner ear.  Cocculine is a homeopathic medication that can be used in the whole family, young and old.  It is a convenient chew tablet that carries no side-effects or interactions.  Meclizine and cocculine used together form a prime combination to battle motion sickness.  Also, don’t forget to schedule a thorough travel clinic with our travel consultant pharmacists if you are planning travel to a destination that may require special vaccinations and medical precautions.

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