Pet Joints

September 2018

Animal Health Ask A Pro Pharmacist Fred September 2018

Q: You helped me before with some natural supplements for my achy joints…can I give some to my dog with hip issues?

A: Very bluntly, “No!”  It is a terrible idea to give your pets human food and supplements.  They are, literally, a different animal than us, with very different anatomy and physiology.  Products labeled for human consumption have only been tested for human consumption, and, thus, are not intended for any other species of animal.  At our sister store, Cloverdale Pharmasave, we have been supplying complete lines of pet-specific supplements and medications for 35 years, and we are now stocking a selection of unique veterinary supplements right here in Richmond at Pharmasave Steveston Village.

If your pet (ie. Dog, cat, horse, etc.) is suffering from joint pain, it is advisable for you to consult a veterinarian first.  If the issue can be remedied by supplementation, then consider Purica’s “Recovery™” for repairing an arthritic joint.  Very few products can regenerate cartilage, tendons and ligaments like Recovery™ can.  Key ingredients include glucosamine, MSM, and a special blend of green tea and wildberry extract called “Nutricol™”.  The Extra Strength version adds hyaluronic acid, which could act as a sponge to draw fluid into joint capsules, increasing the shock-absorbing properties.  Recovery™ is available as a powder or a tasty chew treat.

Since products like Recovery™ take time to work, you may need to give your pet a short course of an anti-inflammatory product for pain-control, such as Omega Alpha’s “EZ-Mobility™”.  Its collection of natural herbs can take effect after one to two doses.

For joint maintenance, a quality omega fatty-acid supplement, such as “Bio-FATS™” by BiologicVET can complement Recovery™ beautifully.  It will not only help lubricate your pet’s joints, but also help maintain a healthy coat, proper mental function, healthy heart, and supple lining for the gut and lungs.

All the mentioned supplements have been around for years, and we have seen very convincing results.  Come talk to one of our integrative pharmacists at Pharmasave Steveston Village to see if they are appropriate for your pets.

 (Christine and Fred Cheng are a passionate, charismatic sister-brother pharmacist team at their unique, family-owned and operated Pharmasave stores in Cloverdale and Steveston, B.C.)

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