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April 2014

Practice Your A, B, C, D's for Great Health

As we get older, many factors can affect the adequate absorption and proper utilization of vitamins and minerals from our diet. For example, diseases and normal physiological changes affect the way our bodies require, absorb and process food. There are also lifestyle choices, such as smoking or being vegetarian that may limit the amount of vital vitamins and minerals we get from our diet. Therefore, it is fitting to use quality supplements to ensure optimal functioning of our bodies. This can be achieved if you take a few minutes to brush up on your “A, B, C, D’s”. It’s easy!
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April 2014

Hay Fever

Q.: I have seasonal allergies in the spring and summer. What can I take to prevent it?
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April 2014

Growing Hair and Healthy Nails

Have you noticed more hair on the floor when you vacuum your home lately? Are you now able to see your scalp between hair bundles? These are the subtle signs of hair thinning. Don’t wait till you go bald. You can do something to slow down the process if not grow back more hair.
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March 2014


Q: My ophthalmologist asked me to take 3 capsules of fish oil for my dry eyes. I am already taking over 20 pills a day and I really can’t swallow any more pills. Do you have a strong liquid oil preparation that will provide the same amount of DHA and EPA?
March 2014

Cleaning House: Part 2: Housekeeping for Your Body

Most people would agree that an annual “Spring Cleaning” for your house is NOT the most effective way to keep things clean & tidy throughout the year. The same principle applies to keeping our bodies “clean” or detoxified. The truth is that on-going support to keep our bodies clean is a more gentle and healthy way to keep the organs of detoxification functioning optimally and preventing toxins from building up.
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February 2014

Seven Steps to a Vibrant Life

The first couple of months of the year is the time to execute our new year resolutions, to refresh our bodies and elevate our vitality, yet one of the most common complaints that we hear from our clients at this time of the year is “low energy levels”. Of course, many of them have medical reasons for this. Many more, however, simply cannot garner enough energy to accomplish their daily chores. We have a few tips to rectify this.
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February 2014

Get a Grip on Arthritis

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ― Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind. Yes, we are still in the middle of winter. Thoughts of taking a cozy stroll through a grassy knoll or along a park trail lined with flowering buds may seem only but a dream. However, spring is just around the corner, and if you suffer from arthritis, now is the time to arrive at a solution to your achy joints since some medications and supplements require a few weeks to take effect. There are countless non-prescription options for dealing with arthritis symptoms. Read on for a few natural ideas on how you can get a grip on arthritis this Spring.
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February 2014

Gluten Intolerance

Q: I’ve been told to avoid gluten-containing foods, but it’s not always easy to do so when I’m headed to a restaurant. Is there anything I can take to help make dining out an easier experience? A: Yes, there is an enzyme called dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) that helps the body to break down gluten, which can be found in foods that contain wheat, barley, rye, and triticale.
January 2014

Acid Reflux

Q.: I have heart burn, a mysterious cough and hoarness of voice. My doctor said I have acid reflux and put me on Nexeum which seems to be controlling the symptoms. Is there any herbal medicine that can help the healing? A.: GastroEase Plus (Biomed) contains DGL (deglycyrrhinated licorice) and mastic gum that are known to fight excessive stomach acid.
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January 2014

Electric Spark Derma Machines

Our body is made of numerous atoms. Each atom is made of electrons circulating around a nucleus. Electrons are negatively charged particles circulating around the nucleus that is positively charged. This system creates electro-magnetic forces radiating around the atom. Our body in turn is made of multiple systems of these electro-magnetic forces. These systems are being utilized in both diagnostic and therapeutic devices. An electrocardiogram (EKG) reflects the condition of our heart through recordings of the electro-magnetic waves of our heart. Electro-encephalogram (EEG) records brain waves and offers invaluable diagnostic information to neurologists. TENS machines are widely used by physiotherapists to help relieve musculo-skeletal pains. Electro-magnetic resonance machines utilize the same principle. Magnetic bracelets, copper bracelets, even gem stone therapy utilize the same principle. Who knows, may be homeopathic medicine also work on this principle.
December 2013

Vinceel Mouth Spray

Q: Is there a good healing spray for sore throat, mouth ulcers and cold sores? A: Vinceel (Heel) is a homeopathic spray designed for symptom control and healing. It can be used for canker sores, mouth ulcers, cuts, blsiters, burns, sore throat and gingivitis.
December 2013

Don't Hang Up Your Stockings this Christmas (Circulation: Part 2)

Good circulation is essential for good health. Yet, millions of people around the world suffer from poor circulation without even knowing it. The “circulatory system” is made up of the pipes or VESSELS that carry blood throughout our body and the PUMP (ie. the heart) which creates the tidal flow of blood through these vessels. The purpose is to be able to get the necessary fuel and nutrients to various parts of the body, and take away any waste materials. There is always much focus on HEART health, but many of us neglect VESSEL health. Why is that important? Without free-flowing, healthy blood vessels, our blood will not reach parts of our body, meaning that those parts may suffer from lack of essential nutrients as well as lack of toxin removal. In the worst cases, the body parts not getting this attention actually can die away. Symptoms of poor circulation include swelling of the legs, cold hands and feet, varicose veins, and numbness, aching, and tiredness in feet. Get a proper diagnosis from your doctor. But read on to see how easy it is to maintain healthy vessels and circulation.