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October 2011

Hormone Balancing - The Next Level After Herbal Products

Hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, stress, low sex drive, low energy, memory loss, bladder problems, vaginal dryness, PMS, heavy periods, and depression all could be caused by some sort of hormonal imbalance. Herbal products can work very well for lots of women that have hormonal problems but there are some women that find that herbs just aren’t able to provide the benefits that they were hoping. For some women they have worked at the beginning but then stopped working. For others the herbs have worked for some symptoms but not all of them. These women may benefit from bio-identical hormones.
October 2011

Q: Red Reishi had been promoted for energy, vitality, fertility and immunity. What is a good brand?

A: Mikei Red Reishi is cultivated and encapsulated inJapanby Nikkei, the pioneer in mushroom technology. It is 100% cultivated on wood logs immersed in nutrient rich soil under uncontaminated environment. The capsule contains the water extract concentrate instead of the pulverized powder so absorption is guaranteed.
October 2011

Q: What is the role of homeopathic medicine in the prevention of the flu?

A: Homeopathics can be used to complement vaccination. A weekly dose of Influenzinum 9CH and a weekly dose of Thymuline 9CH for 5 weeks may enhance the protection.
September 2011

Red Reishi, The "Heavenly Herb"

There are two categories of mushrooms, namely culinary mushrooms used for food and medicinal mushrooms used for promoting health. Medicinal mushrooms include Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa), Shitake mushroom (Lentinus edodes), Cloud mushroom (Coriolus versicolor), Cordycept (Cordyceps sinensis), and Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum).
September 2011

Q: Are there any new natural medicines for memory loss?

A: A combination of DHA and Colostrinin had shown promising results. Fish oil is a combination of DHA and EPA, but there is a preparation made from squid (High DHA® from Metagenics) that has predominantly DHA and that is you want for memory loss.
August 2011

Q: When I get bitten by mosquitos or fleas...

A: Eating garlic makes you sweat "unfriendly" to bugs. We have a natural insect repellent made of Oil of Citronnella and Geranium that you can apply to your exposed parts.
August 2011

Natural Medicine for Performance Sports

Drugging in whatever form is illegal and immoral in competitive sports. What I want to talk about here is how to achieve the best physical and mental wellness state needed to deliver the best performance.
August 2011

Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals

Polyphenols from plants like flavonolignans from Milk Thistle, curcumin from Turmeric, catechins/eipicatechins from green tea and grape seed had been found to be poorly absorbed in their natural forms. Fortunately in 1989 a group of Italian researchers developed a technology to chemically bind these water soluble molecules to a fat soluble phospholipid called phosphatidylcholine (PC).
July 2011

Q : I heard that Echinacea Angustifolia can be used as a sedative. Is that really true?

A: Echinacea is a household name and is best known to be an "immune booster". This is the case only when it is used in mega doses.
June 2011

Q: When should I take Co-Q-10 and what form of Co-Q-10 works best?

A: It is known that cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) depletes our bodies of CoQ10 which is essential for muscle function. People taking statin drugs may develop muscle soreness and weakness.
June 2011

Echinacea For Anxiety, Really?

When Dr. Gaetano Morello came to Cloverdale to talk about recent advances in natural medicine, he introduced to us a new calming agent called Anz-Ease® with him. He said that this was a new break through in natural sedatives and that this new medicine worked really well. As I always want to know how a medicine works I asked him what the ingredients were, and he said, "Echinacea".
May 2011

Ginseng In TCM Practice vs. Western Myths

I was born and raised in China where Ginseng was a household name. In our culture, one would be very cautious as not to take ginseng when one has a cold or flu. Interestingly, here in Canada remedies containing nothing but Ginseng are being labelled and marketed for treating flu.