Articles and Q&A's

February 2015

Cold Sores

Q: I always get cold sores in the winter months. Is there anything natural I can take to help them heal faster? A: Yes, the amino acid L-LYSINE is an effective treatment for cold sores as it antagonizes the growth of the virus, thus limiting its spread.
February 2015

Natural Protection for Your Heart

"Exercise, eat well, keep your cholesterol levels down, watch your blood pressure…" it’s likely that many of you have heard one or more of these phrases at a visit to the doctor’s office or even the pharmacy because these are the things that can help you avoid a heart attack or stroke.
February 2015

Protecting the Hearts of the Young and the Old

More than 1.4 million Canadians have heart disease and approximately 90% of Canadians over the age of 20 have at least one risk factor for heart disease which includes smoking, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and stress. That’s right; no longer is heart disease a concern of the middle-aged and elderly, with today’s hectic lifestyle making it difficult for us to find time to take care of ourselves, even the young have to start thinking about what we can do to protect our hearts.
January 2015

A Little Bit of Pressure and a Little Bit of Heat

Sometimes we need more from our clothing than just to help us make a fashion statement; sometimes we need our clothing to be functional. There are two common types of functional clothing: compression therapy and far infrared radiation therapy, which uses pressure and heat therapeutically, respectively.
January 2015

Cold Sore Remedies

About 20 to 40% of the population have suffered from or will suffer from cold sores. The causative agent is a virus called herpes simplex virus type 1, spread through direct contact with a cold sore lesion or touching fluid from a cold sore (e.g., via sharing of utensils). Using a cold sore bandage such as LIPCLEAR COLD SORE BANDAGEcan keep the cold sore moist, protect it from irritants and help stop its contagious spread.
January 2015

Immune System Boost

Q: Other than Echinacea, what else can I use to give my immune system a boost during the cold and flu season? A: Adequate rest and fluids as well as proper hygiene (i.e., handwashing) are important tools in helping keep you from getting sick during this time of year.
January 2015

Boosting your First Aid Kit

Warmer weather means more outdoor activities and travels. A properly assembled First Aid Kit is pertinent in case of an accident. Other than the usual Band-Aid and antiseptics, there are a few extra items that may come in handy.
December 2014

Don't be Singing the ShingleBells

“ShingleBells” is definitely not a tune you would want to sing this Christmas, or any other time at all! Fortunately, there are things you can do and natural supplements you can take that can help minimize your risk of getting a shingles outbreak.
December 2014

Fueling Your Body with Fats

“Fats” in our diet have traditionally suffered a bad reputation for contributing to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, skin conditions (e.g. eczema and psoriasis) and even cancer. Nowadays, we are more aware that there are many different types of fats and many of them play a role in keeping us healthy. Consider that 10-12% of our brains are made up of some sort of lipid and every cell in our body requires a certain level of fatty material to keep its cell membrane healthy. With all of the fad diets and supplements out on the market, how can we tell which fats will help with our health goals? Here is a brief overview for you.
December 2014

Medical Foods and Metabolic Syndrome

High blood pressure, increased blood glucose levels, excess body fat around the waist, elevated triglyceride levels, and reduced HDL (or “good”) cholesterol levels…each of these risk factors are undesirable conditions on their own, but if you have a combination of any three of these, you may have Metabolic Syndrome. Although having Metabolic Syndrome increases your risk of having heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, it is not an inevitable conclusion. A physician-approved exercise plan along with some conscious changes in the diet to include more fibre, vegetables and fruit will go a long way to improve each of these risk factors. For some people, inclusion of a Medical Food such as Ultrameal® can help meet their health goals.
November 2014

Integrative Approach to Cold and Flu Prevention

There are people who for one reason or another cannot take the flu shot. In this case, using herbal and homeopathic medicines may help to booster immunity so the body can fight the flu virus when it invades the body.
October 2014

Calming Down

Q: My children are feeling nervous about starting school. Is there anything they can take to help them stay calm without making them drowsy?