Prepping Your Peace-Keeping Kit (Part 2)

August 2019

Prepping Your Peace Keeping Kit Part 2

By Frederick Cheng (RPh), and Christine Cheng (RPh)

Q: What medications should I take with me in a travel first-aid kit? (Part 2)

A: In June, we talked about the importance of prepping your body for the stresses of travel with good probiotics, immune-boosters, sunscreens, and also prevention of motion-sickness.  This month, we want to make sure you are prepared for some of the unexpected health challenges while traveling.

            Best way to prevent traveller’s diarrhea is to avoid drinking unboiled water and undercooked foods, and to get the oral vaccine Dukoral 2 weeks prior to travel.  You can also carry a course of prescription antibiotics for helping combat food poisoning.  Because you will be losing crucial minerals during diarrhea bouts, ensure you carry electrolytes for replenishment (eg. in tablet form like Hydralyte, or powder form like  by Endura by Metagenics).  Oral loperamide (aka. Imodium) is a must-have in more severe cases; it will stop the loose bowel movements quite quickly.  A good probiotic will help restore the gut imbalance ASAP.

            Pi-Active is a natural bug repellent whose active ingredient is icaridin.  It is deet-free and safe for all family members 6 months+.  Our Calendula Complex Cream, a homeopathic formulation with apis, phytolacca, and belladonna in a calendula cream base, is quite soothing and works great to offset the itchiness and irritation from mosquito bites, rashes and the like.  The oral version is great for more wide-spread irritation.

            Diphenhydramine (aka. Benadryl) is a good option in place of an Epipen when you have an allergic reaction to something unexpected (eg. new foods you are sampling); you still must see a doctor ASAP if you have shortness of breath or trouble breathing.  We always encourage travelers carry a good lubricant eyedrop as well (eg. Hydrasense prevervative-free) to minimize eye irritation due to fatigue or allergens; any prolonged grittiness or pain should be brought to a doctor’s attention).

Come talk to an integrative travel clinic pharmacist at Pharmasave Steveston Village to get a hand packing that first-aid travel kit.  We can also prepare all your medications, including compounds and blister-packs to make your travels headache-free.

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