Travel First Aid

June 2019

Travel Health June 2019

By Frederick Cheng (R.Ph), and Christine Cheng (R.Ph)

Q: What medicines should I take with me in a travel first-aid kit?

A: We run a travel health clinic at both pharmacies where we provide vaccinations, dispense antibiotics, and give recommendations on unique items to take with you to ensure you have a healthy, enjoyable trip; we call these things “peace-keeping” items. Leading up to your trip (and on a daily basis), consider building up your immunity with an appropriate probiotic. Generally, a high CFU-count, multi-strain probiotic would be superior. Probiotics are also great for restoring your gut flora if you have bouts of diarrhea, and should be combined with a good electrolyte for rehydration (eg. Endura or Hydralyte). A potent anti-oxidant such as New Roots’ Vitamin C8 could also help. Esberitox, an effective chew-tablet of wild indigo, thuja and 2 species of echinacea, works great for kids and adults in preventing and fighting off infections; start as soon as you notice symptoms in yourself or your travel companions. Purica’s Prevail works similarly and can fight off your cold and fever symptoms with 1 day’s use; it is a standardized extract of 3 Chinese herbs. A compounded meclizine capsule tends to be superior for controlling motion-sickness without the drowsiness that Gravol could cause; it can be used along with the acupressure Sea Bands. Likewise, many people find benefit with homeopathic Cocculine, which has minimal risk of side-effects and interactions, even in kids. Schedule a travel consultation with our integrative pharmacists at Pharmasave Steveston Village to get the complete list, as well as prep with the appropriate vaccinations for your destination.Watch for Part 2 of this article, where we discuss remedies for skin and circulation health while traveling

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