A healing story from Saskatchewan: 
Deb Guenther and her horse Trader
Testimonial provided by Fiske's Horse Care Products
***(CAUTION: Graphic photographs of Trader's injury)***

On January 6, 2014 Deb Guenther's horse Trader sustained a deep gash. For two months Deb applied Fiske's to his wound and it has healed completely. 

This is what Deb had to say about Trader and Fiske's:

The day we found Trader it was -42. Which now we think was a blessing cause the blood froze instantly, and clotted up the wound. I keep Fiske's in our pump shack. It's above freezing in there (where the water pressure system is), but on some days by the time I got to Trader it was already starting to thicken...which is understandable at -35. Even so I put it on about twice a week on average...sometimes 3 days in a row ..then not at all for 5 days. The application was all weather dependant. Our horses (9) are on a acreage 6 miles from us, my Husband goes out there every day, and myself (cold weather wimp) gets out there when I can, which is why Trader did not get Fiske's everyday!

After two months I had to pull the hairs back to even find the wound that used to be 2 inches wide. It healed with no penicillin, and no hydrotherapy, just Fiske's! This product is amazing. And although I hope I do not have to use Fiske very often ( but Trader already has another deep scrape (bite mark?) on his rump and I am putting Fiske on it. Also I am telling ALL my friends about how great Fiske’s Works!!! Our total cost to heal this injury was less than $35.00.

Day one:

Trader Injury Day 1

Three Weeks:

Trader's Injury 3 weeks

Trader's Injury 3 weeks close up

Two months after initial wound:

Trader 2 months after initial wound

Trader 2 months after initial wound close up

Deb Guenther via Fiske's Horse Care Products

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